A quick update on meetings

We are continuing to meet on the patio at Dog Days for the time being. The Zoom option is also still available for those who wish to avoid gatherings. We have been tweaking the setup, and the Zoom experience is improving thanks to member feedback. Recently we instituted a drop-off option for anyone who would like to join by Zoom and still get feedback on their homebrew. Bottles can be dropped off at Dog Days after 7:30 the day of the meeting, or you can get in touch via e-mail or Facebook to arrange another drop-off time and location.

September will bring our annual officer elections. Don’t forget that it will be the 4th Wednesday to coincide with Octoberfest (or when it would have been).

Stay Safe

Cheers 🍺

Coronatimes – Fellowship & Safety

The pandemic has been challenging for everyone, but don’t think we have given up the ghost. We have been finding ways to continue the fellowship through all this.

While we did have to cancel the March meeting, we have been persevering since then. April we had a completely virtual meeting on Zoom. We hosted Zoom for the Virtual Big Brew on May, 2nd. Last month we tested the waters with a small, socially distanced, patio meeting. On the whole it went well, other than the cold weather and some technical issues with the virtual component.

We are working on a better setup to offer virtual attendance for the in-person meetings, and will be testing a new setup this week at our socially distanced meeting.

For those who wish to attend, please RSVP either by email or on our Facebook group. The rules for our socially distanced meeting are as follows:

  1. It will be held outside on the patio
  2. Members will be spaced at least 6 ft apart around the patio.
  3. When you arrive if you are contributing beer, approach the serving table individually to deposit your offering.
  4. For the tastings, the Master of Pours will sanitize their hands, and pour the required number of samples. Once the MoP steps away from the serving table, members may approach one at a time to collect their sample and return to their position on the patio.
    1. Repeat as necessary.
  5. Please police your empty cups.
  6. Be mindful of your own risk level as well as that of others in your household when deciding whether to join us at Dog Days. Also if you or someone you are in close contact with are feeling unwell, please err on the safe side and stay in for the night – remember we are offering a virtual attendance option.

Stay Safe & as the wonderful, wise Charlie Papazian said, “Relax, don’t worry, have a homebrew.”


Suwanee Beer Festival awards

PC Mashers had another excellent showing at the Suwanee Beer Festival. Dave R, was the star this time taking 10th place overall for the festival.

In the individual styles, Dave won 2nd in Malty European Lager; and 3rd in both  German Wheat, Witbier & Dark European Lager, and British Bitter & European Bitter. Jay won 2nd in American IPA and 3rd in British Bitter & European Bitter. Thanks to Dave’s and Jay’s excellent beer, PC Mashers came in 2nd as a club at Suwanee Beer Festival.

We are super proud of both of these guys and look forward to raising a glass with them again as soon as we can get together again.

Congrats to our Peach State Brew Off Winners

Our members had a great showing once again at the Peach State Brew-Off. Three of our number received medals. Dave R, Jay, and Jeff all received medals for style – Jay received five (WOW). Jay also received 3rd place best of show. Kudos to all of these gentlemen. Congratulate them if you see them and see if they will let you try their beer.

Happy New Year!

2019 was a great year. Jay just kept winning those medals, Dave won quite a few as well. Jeff reached the second stage of BJCP certification, so we have two members who are BJCP trained and certified! We also welcomed several new members.

As great as 2019 was 2020 is upon us, and so are the competitions. You are encouraged to enter homebrew competitions if you are interested in them. In the next few months we will be discussing the entry process for the Suwanee Beer Fest and the Peach State Brew Off.

We love to meet new people and catch up with old friends. Drop by a meeting in 2020.

April 2019 News

The PC Mashers homebrew club had a great article in the Peachtree Corners Magazine. The article is on pages 29 & 30. The link for the digital edition is: issuu.com/livinginpeachtreecorners/docs/april_2019_peachtreecorners_issuu There is a place on the page to download the PDF, instead of paging thru this.

March 2019 – News & Awards

• Jay Brantley was on the Beer Guys Radio podcast, episode 165, that was being recorded during last months PC Mashers meeting.
• Jay Brantley is the Best Georgia 2018 Homebrewer according to the nominating and final voting rounds of The Beer Guys Radio Best of Georgia 2018. He was one of eight finalists.

• Suwanee Beer Fest Homebrew Competition Saturday, March 9th 2019
   o Dave Ratcliff
     o -gold for his “My Vienna” 7A: Vienna lager
     o -silver for his “Topper’s Irish Red” 15A: Irish Red Ale
     o -bronze for his “Southern NEIPA” 21B: Specialty IPA
     o -AND TIED for 4th place overall of the 73 participating brewers
  o Jay Brantley
     o -Gold for his “Gypsy King” 3B: Czech Premium Pale Lager
     o -silver for his “St. James Nightcrawler” 15C: Irish Extra Stout
     o -AND TIED for 9th place overall of the 73 participating brewers
  o Jeff Scoggins
     o -gold for his “Mien Stein” 4B: Festbier
     o -bronze for his “Soggy Bottom Ale” 12A: English Golden Ale
     o -HM for his “Der Biergarten Pils” 5D: German Pils
     o -AND while it doesn’t show up . . .
          Jeff TIED for 13th place overall of the 73 participating brewers
  o Sterling Peet
     o -silver for his “Simcoe Pale Ale” 18B: American Pale Ale
  o Jim Blum
     o -silver for his “Windsock Stout” 15B: Irish Stout
  o *** That put the PC Mashers club in 1st place
           out of the 20 participating clubs !

• Peach State Brew Off was Saturday, February 23rd 2019
o Dave Ratcliff won 1st Place for: 4 – Pale Malty European Lager
o Jim Blum won 3rd Place for: 4 – Pale Malty European Lager
o Dave Ratcliff got an Honorable Mention for: a combined category
that included his Irish Red Ale
o Jay Brantley won 2nd Place for: 33 Wood Beer
o *** That put the PC Mashers club tied for 9th out of more than 15 clubs. We actually tied for 7th place, but the registration did not have PC Mashers as Jay’s club, so his points didn’t get included.

March 2018 – PC Mashers Recap

March’s meeting was a lot of fun as we all shared some of our favorite “St. Patrick’s Day” beers and enjoyed some Irish brews. We had three new visitors and hope to see them again next month.

Homebrew competition season has come and gone and we were represented very well by two members bringing some hardware home to Peachtree Corners from the Peach State Brew Off and Suwanee Beer Fest.

Congratulations to:
Jay Brantley
Suwanee Beer Fest:
1st Place Best of Show – Pale Rider international pale lager
1st Place –  International pale lager
1st Place – Belgian tripel
2nd Place – American lager

Peach State Brew Off:
1st Place – Kolsch
2nd Place – Belgian tripel
2nd Place – Irish export stout

Dave Ratcliff
Suwanee Beer Fest:
3rd Place – Strawberry Saison (Fruit beer category)

The next meeting is April 18th at 8 pm at Peachtree Growler Co.
The April brew style is: Pale Ale (a commercial example is Sweetwater 420)
The brew style for May is: English Beer (like a porter, ESB, mild, etc.)

We’ll see you next month!

January PC Mashers Meeting Minutes


We appreciate your gracious hosting of the January PC Mashers’ meeting.  You have a great space in your house to hold our meeting.  And the tables were so convenient to your brewing area.

The meeting was very successful with 10 folks attending.  We did another “Commercial Calibration” from that regular feature article in the Zymurgy magazine of the American Home Brewing Association.  It is very educational to compare our comments to the judges comments.  Most folks brought a homebrew to share and we critiqued and discussed why they were good and the techniques used.  And we discussed how some of the sample home brews could be improved.

The next PC Mashers general meeting is:

Feb 21st @ PGC at 8:00 pm.

The home brewing style for February’s meeting is:

“Belgian inspired” beer styles.

Also for the next several months the home brewing styles are:

March – Saint Patrick’s Day styles

April – Pale Ale (a commercial example is 420)

(How did they come up with that name?)

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone next month!


Stephen L. Peet, President