August 16th Meeting Minutes

August 16th was our 7th meeting

Next Meeting:  Wednesday, September 20th

8:00 pm @ Peachtree Growler Co.

5450 Peachtree Pkwy, Peachtree Corners, GA

The following attended the July 19th meeting:





John H.

Last meeting review (July 19th):

* We decided on the Brew/style for the September 20th meeting:  Brown Ale.

* We decided on the Brew/style for the October 18th meeting:  Octoberfest.

* Stephen went over the PC Masher’s officer list from the June meeting.

> President – Stephen –  Big Picture v. Small Picture

> Vice President – Jay

> Secretary – also Stephen  (for the time being)

> Treasurer – tbd

> Communications Co-Directors  –  Sterling, Chris, & Taylor

> Master of Pours (& Sergeant of Arms) –  Dave

> Events Director – Steve

* Stephen gave a kind of treasurer’s report.

* The Communication directors’ gave a report about the web page & slack.

* We talked about AHA & PGC’s insurance briefly.

* Steve agreed to become the Events Director.

The Executive Council met twice, July 26th and August 2nd

1 – The EC reviewed a draft of the Constitution and By-Laws, combined as one document.  The document includes a “Vision,” in Article I, Section C.  The document includes annual dues of

2 – The EC proposed the following AGENDA for general meetings going forward:

1 – Administrative agenda

2 – Evaluating Beer using AHA/BJCP guidelines

3 – Socialize and if desired, buy PGC flights after (but not before) evaluating member brews.

3 – Educating our members is included in the proposed vision, so Dave agreed to do an educational piece about Cascade hops, since it was the required hops in the August brew style.

4 – Jay agreed to do an educational piece in September on Home Brew 101.

5 – The Executive Council plans to meet on the 1st Wednesday of each month.

NEXT order of business:

* John H. was elected Treasurer.

* The Constitution and By-Laws was proposed.  A vote to adopt it will be held during the September General PC Mashers meeting.  The description of Article II, Section B:  Active Member was discussed.  It had also been discussed during the EC meetings.  The discussion is around an active member must “brew or helped brew at least once in the past 3 months.”  The major points brought up are:  we want “active members” to be homebrewers, but we plan to have some leniency in the requirement; especially since we plan to have brewing opportunities at PGC, so members can “help brew.”

* We decided on a “Fall Seasonal” beer style for November’s monthly meeting.

* We decided on a “Winter Seasonal” beer style for December’s monthly meeting.

* Steve will pick some days & times for tours, for instance – breweries like Jekyll Island in Alpharetta, Cherry Street in Cumming, etc.?

* Steve announced that he talked with Brew Depot, and you can get a 12% discount as a member of PC Mashers.


Dave made a tea out of Cascade hops for an example of the August brew/style.  It was very strong, but you certainly understood the smell and flavor of Cascade hops.

Evaluate member brews (and other beer) using AHA/BJCP guidelines,

The August 15th meeting Brew/style is:

Everyone brews a recipe with Cascade hops.  Adding any other hop during or dry hopping is OK.

1 – John brought Jay’s – New England IPA

2 – Chris – American Pale Ale

3 – David – Smash mirasol and cascade

4 – Stephen – American Porter (3rd time)

As a reminder, Brew/Styles are:

* Brown Ale – September 20th meeting.

* Octoberfest – October 18th meeting.

* Fall Seasonal – November 16th meeting.

* Winter Seasonal – December 21st meeting.

July 19th meeting minutes

We had a great turnout for our 6th meeting on Wednesday July 19th !

Next Meeting: Wednesday, August 16th
8:00 pm @ Peachtree Growler Co.
5450 Peachtree Pkwy, Peachtree Corners, GA

The Brew/style for the August 15th meeting is:
Everyone brews a recipe with Cascade hops. Adding any other hop during or dry hopping is OK.

We decided on the Brew/style for the September 20th meeting:
Brown Ale.

We decided on the Brew/style for the October 18th meeting:
* Octoberfest

NEXT order of business – last meeting:
* I talked a little bit about a presentation “Building a Lasting Home Brew Club”
* the election of officers.
> President – Stephen – Big Picture v. Small Picture
> Vice President – Jay
> Secretary – also Stephen for the time being
>Treasurer – tbd – in the meantime – Treasurer’s report
> we talked about setting a budget (requires scope definition first – think of what we want to do that costs money)
> John gave $20 to Sterling. $10 for getting a website, and $10 for hosting the website.
* Co-Communications chairs – Sterling & Chris , with Taylor on the committee
> Report: Slack got created and most have joined. You can get an app for slack on your iPhone or device, or you can view it on your PC at
The website is up, and the committee has been working on it, there’s a home page, an about page, a password protected members section, and an events calendar page (Chris has an event, and I have some others to talk about).
We’re trying to move away from e-mails and use Slack and the website. How often do you want reminder e-mails sent? If any !
* We talked last time about Using Survey Monkey for the questionnaire that I had previously proposed sent out – and we’re still working on that.
* I talked a little about New London Brew Club – Operation Home Brew (store – supplies)
* I asked about changing the Meeting Day / time, and we decided to keep it as the 3rd Wednesday.
* Any other Brew Club events were touched on, and Jay sent me a text I’ll talk about in a minute.
* I mentioned American Homebrew Association (AHA) and asked if anyone had an Individual AHA membership. Steve & Jay are members. Steve said he “signed” up the club when he was signing up.
* I talked about Insurance related to AHA for the club. Steve said his insurance would cover the club for the time being with what we are doing right now. Homebrew Club Insurance information can be found at: and the cost is $250 annual premium for clubs up to 75 members.

NEXT order of business – We did not discuss, therefore is still tabled:
* Vision for the club – EC will work on a proposal for next meeting
*By-laws for the club – EC will work on and see how far we get for next meeting.
* Beer Styles for monthly meetings – have thru October, & doing monthly right now
* monthly topics

New items:
* Events chair / committee – Steve Hamlet agreed to chair this
> Steve will look into scheduling and coordinating field trips to local breweries, etc.
> Jay sent a text about visiting Cherry Street Brewing Cooperative in Cumming Ga. They were #1 in the U.S. Open Beer Championship’s Top 10 Breweries for 2017. I saw that the Slow Pour was having a run and pour event coming up. I also saw an article about their starting a brew pub in Lawrenceville. And Sterling can tell us about visiting breweries, vineyards, and the San Francisco Mead Company.
> Chris hosted a Beer-B-Q for everyone at his house Sunday July 23rd.

Compare notes, make comments, and give feedback on:
The July 19th meeting style:
* Lawn mower beer &/or Summer beer
* We chose Dave to be an officer – Master of Pours, and Sergeant of Arms with the following duties:
> Compile a list of brews to be sampled during the meeting.
> Pour the samples and keep the club on track.
> Keep the club on track during the meetings.

1 – John – Mystic Luminus Ruins – Dry Hopped Sour Ale (
2 – Dave – Grapefruit Hefe (a Hefe, with grapefruit juice)
3 – Jo – Summer Ale
4 – Jo – Summer Ale with jalepeno
5 – Chris – Pale Ale – started with 420 recipe, but made it lighter
6 – Jay – Harpoon Summer Ale
7 – Stephen – All American Porte – July mtg vs.12 days in the bottle at the June mtg
8 – John – Juicin’ IPA by BlueTarp Brewing Company
9 – John  – The Real Peel (tangerine) IPA – by Avery Brewing Company
10 – Sterling – Raven Haired Beauty (Dark English Mild)

Cheers !

July 19th Meeting Info

Wednesday, July 19th  

8:00 pm @ Peachtree Growler Co.

5450 Peachtree Pkwy, Peachtree Corners, GA

 Stephen will send out an agenda before the meeting.

We proposed the July 19th meeting style to be:

* Lawn mower beer

* Summer beer